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Thank you for visiting BALAYdesign.

Before getting down to business, a personal note: my son, Chase, was one of the many children taken too soon by pediatric cancer.


This disease is the number one cause of death in children. The profound lack of funding, research, and effective, modern treatments unfortunately means a cure is unlikely. Please consider helping in anyway possible to save the lives of our children everywhere. 


They are all our children.


Thank you,

Chase's Papa

My son's story.

Just sign in and enter his name "Chase Balay"

Now down to business! Welcome to BALAYdesign.


My passion for and expertise in digital design is a continuation of my formal training in fine arts. I brought my increasingly unique skill set to my previous employers as head of their creative departments; spearheading all creative initiatives including interactive media, web, print, presentations, displays, product and special events.


Are you unsure of the creative direction your project should take? Do you need to accurately explore the possibilities and maintain a realistic schedule? Share your questions and ideas with me. Your company's message and core values are extremely important and need to be communicated consistently via branding and design guidelines across all media.


Let's begin.  | 



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